Filled with Wonder

God, fill me with wonder for your Creation. Help me to hear and to hold those words of Jesus dear:  Follow me.  Stanza 5, “Six Recognitions of the Lord,” Mary Oliver 

Slow down, breathe deeply.   Stop, look, listen as we learned as children.   Touch, feel.  Be filled with the wonder of Creation.   

In a rush from task to task or task to pleasure, one loses so easily awe, wonder, and connection with the entire universe that is ours in God.   I know; I am too often in a hurry.   Today, a day we are pressed to show love to those closest to us, may we each simply make space in our hearts.   No worries about chocolate, flowers or cards.  Breathe, make space, notice how marvelously made is this world, each human, each created being.   Life.  

The LORD merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all  the stars were born.    Psalm 33:6

When was the last time you looked at the night sky?  

The wonders of Creation go from the heavens to the seas.

Here is the sea, vast and wide, teeming with creatures beyond number, living things both great and small. There the ships pass, and Leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.    Psalm 104:25-26

In Job 41, God reminds Job that humankind is but a part of creation and cannot control or fully conquer the Leviathan or God’s plans.   Humankind is part of the web of that is all creation.  We are invited to take part in God’s work and know the wonder of all that is around us.   What we do matters as every piece of the web is wondrously made and wholly connected. 

It is to this wonder Jesus invites us.  Through accepting Jesus’s invitation to humans he encountered, many marginalized, an invitation to sumptuous meals, to sights all around while walking, we, too, can come to see the Divine revealed in all Creation.   

Follow me, calls Jesus, to the path of wonder, love, and connection.  Follow me and know you are a beautiful part of all that is made but not its center.   Enjoy the freedom of caring for creation as but a part and not the whole.  And as a part help heal the whole.  

On this day, may we savor all that is around us and in us, the gifts of and connection to the Divine.   Follow Jesus on this path of Love.  

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